What we do

What we do

At Groundex we know that it is important to get your project off to the right start which begins at the foundations.

We aim to provide a complete service to our clients whereby we:

  • Work with our clients to understand their needs and their project constraints
  • Collaborate to select the best solution to their challenges
  • Provide the skills and resources needed to implement this solution on site

Our services include Piled Foundations, Bored Piles, Contiguous Piles, CFA Piles, Ground Anchors, Auger Drilling, Design Development, Design & Construct, Ground Solutions, Geotechnical Solutions, and Engineering solutions.  We focus on small to medium projects in the Infrastructure, Resources and Building sectors.

Sectors we service




Our core in-house expertise and proven strengths drive where we work and the value we contribute to a project. 

Services we provide

Groundex engineers ground improvement solutions incorporating the following services:

Piled Foundations

Piled Retaining Walls

Auger Drilling

Piled Foundations

When a project requires deep foundations Groundex has the expertise to design and construct piled foundations to strengthen the ground that supports these structures.

We specialise in small to medium structures including:

  • Multi-storey Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Noise Walls
  • Mast Foundations
  • Soft soil sites

Piled Retaining Wall Solutions

As cities grow denser due to in-fill and redevelopment, a popular solution for basement construction is piled retaining walls.

At Groundex, we specialise in designing and constructing piled retaining wall solutions, offering contiguous, secant, and kingpost walls as well as temporary ground anchors.

Such solutions are becoming increasingly common as they reinforce basement walls while causing minimal disturbance to neighbouring properties.

Auger Drilling

Auger drilling is ideal for geologies containing sand, gravel, clay and urban infill.  It is typically used when a deep hole is needed, where other methods can’t achieve the same depths.

Groundex provides auger drilling services using specialist drilling equipment capable of drilling holes up to 1000mm.

We utilise high torque compact rigs which can be mobilised to site efficiently to meet a range of construction needs in urban and regional areas.

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Groundex delivers strong foundations and technical know-how under a range of commercial and delivery models including design and construct and construct only.

Models such as Early Contractor Involvement enable us to draw on our knowledgeable in-house teams to engineer practical and efficient solutions that deliver better project outcomes. Working in synergy with clients to find better ways is our strength, and core to the value we provide.

If you’re looking for a collaborative partner to build enduring community infrastructure our door is open, and we’d love to chat to you about how our company can assist.

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